The AIDA Data Hub engages with data providers to collect training data for those AI tools that will best meet the needs of current and future clinical practice.

The priorities for data acquisition are continuously set by the AIDA Data Hub clinical council based on current data hub composition and identified clinical needs.

The AIDA Data Hub can fund work with extracting prioritized data for sharing on the AIDA Data Hub. Please contact the AIDA data director for proposals for data extraction, or to suggest further data acquisition topics.


Approved: 2024-04-24

  1. CT bulk examinations of brain, thorax, abdomen.
  2. PET-CT bulk examinations of thorax and abdomen with 18F-FDG tracer.
  3. Lymph nodes. Radiology and pathology.
  4. Basal cell cancer whole-slide imaging, eg for identifying nonradical excisions.
  5. Prostate. MRI and pathology.
  6. Wrist, shoulder, knee, foot, and elbow fracture CT and CR.
  7. PD-L1 pathology data in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC).
  8. Radiography data for AI classification of atypical femoral fractures.
  9. Head CT.
  10. MRI data, for real-time adaptive radiotherapy (RT-ART)
  11. MRI and histology of excised meningioma tumor samples
  12. Breast cancer histology data.
  13. Hip femoralis nerve ultrasound data.
  14. Small datasets containing synthesized clinical imaging data.
  15. Pathology and radiology data from glioma, such as GBM and pHGG.
  16. Hyperspectral images of skin tumors.