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Research engineer in Data sharing at the AIDA Data Hub

Position: Full time, until further notice.
Apply by: 2022-10-03
Apply here: Application form (LiU)
Starting: As soon as possible, by agreement.
Contact: Joel Hedlund, Data director CMIV/AIDA, +46 734 607126.

Linköping University hereby advertises a position as Research engineer in Data sharing at the AIDA Data Hub, belonging to the Department of Science and Technology, based at the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), Linköping University Hospital.

The AIDA Data Hub research context within CMIV, AIDA, and SciLifeLab is described separately below.

Topic for the position

The AIDA arena facilitates collaboration between national stakeholders in medical imaging AI, to accelerate development and use of world leading AI tools. A crucial requirement for success is access to massive amounts of well-organized training data, which in the case of AIDA is referring to medical images and related clinical data. The AIDA Data Hub works to increase availability of such data, by engaging with caregivers to facilitate data extraction for research, and with leading research groups to facilitate data sharing and reuse, and with decision makers to develop clear guidelines and best practices to facilitate ethical and legal data sharing and scientific activities. The AIDA Data Hub is under rapid expansion through data streams from clinical sources across Sweden and Europe. The topic includes a wide range of aspects with respect to amassing the data and, in addition, the broad efforts needed to make the data and the supporting systems ready for effective AI training. The AIDA arena is under evolution to a broader national coverage, as well as towards a pan-European reach, with strong synergies with developments in European flagship projects in medical imaging and AI.


The research engineer will be central for running and developing the data hub operations. A key duty is to make the data services attractive and effective for AI researchers, through operation of secure and reliable services for sharing of medical data for research, and in managing agreement processes with a diverse range of stakeholders both in extension of the AIDA network and in data sharing between research groups and healthcare organizations. Organization of workshops and other events that strengthen the effectiveness of the AIDA collaboration arena will also be part of the core work tasks. The position comprises close collaboration with expertise from different organizations, academic institutions, companies and care providers, within and outside of Sweden.

A heavy focus will be the national AIDA Data Hub services, both in terms of system administration and continued development. It will also be essential to build data extraction processes that minimize efforts among the healthcare providers. The duties include addressing challenges of many types, primarily technical, but also legal questions and integrity considerations.


The position requires a Bachelor of Science degree or similar, in a computer- or life science subject.

Professional experience in the IT domain, from industry, academia, and/or healthcare, is a very important factor in judging candidates. Experience from research operations in a data-intensive computer science domain is considered a strong merit, in particular work with large-scale data. Experience from biomedical data is a merit for this position, as is experience from AI applications. It is a merit to have experience from cross-functional and distributed development work, with most weight given to experience from running infrastructure services for research purposes, and international collaborations.

The candidate should demonstrate skills in technical administration and management of IT services, as well as ability to manage complex efforts.

The position requires excellent communication abilities, both spoken and written, in the English language. Such abilities also in the Swedish language are considered a very strong merit.

Research context

The Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) is an interdisciplinary research center at LiU with great international impact. Through close collaboration between clinical practice and research in engineering and medicine CMIV creates solutions for future challenges.
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The Analytical Imaging Diagnostics Arena (AIDA) is a Swedish national collaboration arena hosted at CMIV, for research and innovation on Artificial intelligence (AI) for medical image analysis. Here, academia, healthcare and industry meet to translate advances in AI technology into patient benefit in the form of clinically useful tools.

Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) is an institution for the advancement of molecular biosciences in Sweden, which engages in and promotes interdisciplinary research, for example through its infrastructure platforms such as the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS).
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The AIDA Data Hub is a part of NBIS, and is a national data infrastructure established at CMIV to support the national AIDA community with services in data sharing, processing, and policy support.

Salary and employment benefits

The university applies individual salaries. Please indicate salary demands in the application.

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Union representatives

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Application procedure

Apply for the position by clicking the “Apply” button at the bottom of this page. Your application must reach Linköping University no later than October 3, 2022.

Applications and documents received after the date above will not be considered.

We welcome applicants with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives - diversity enriches our work and helps us grow. Preserving everybody’s equal value, rights and opportunities is a natural part of who we are. Read more about our work with: Equal opportunities.

We look forward to receiving your application!


Joel Hedlund, Data director CMIV/AIDA, +46 734 607126